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Post-Acute Care & Senior Housing

Customized consulting services to meet your facility’s unique needs.


CONSULTANTS for LONG TERM CARE, Inc. (CLTC) has provided services for hospitals, health care facilities and senior housing providers throughout the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska.

Our professionals have industry knowledge and experience in both operations and services.  

Please call us at 502-541-1051 to learn how we can coordinate our services to meet your needs. We believe the depth, range, and quality of our services will make CLTC your preferred choice!

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How We Help


Reta A. Underwood (C-NM, RAC-CT, Medicare Specialist), is president of Consultants for Long Term Care, a national long-term care consulting firm based in Kentucky. CLTC has provided management services, presented seminars, been published nationally and copyrighted its own systems and tools.

Reta's experience has included management and director positions with nursing facilities and health care companies. She has also provided corporate-wide MDS support services, numerous mock surveys, regulatory compliance correction, educational programs, clinical documentation, quality assurance programming, and most recently implemented PDPM in facilities nationwide.



To ensure positive clinical outcomes and compliance, CLTC's professionals will evaluate your services and systems, and recommend ways to improve productivity. 

Call us at 502-541-1051 to learn more!

Resident Assessment Education and Support Services

​Skilled Nursing Facility/Nursing Home/Swing Bed Hospital Providers

  • Minimum Data Set (MDS) v3.0​ 

  • Education for RAI Process with effective version as of 10/2023


  • Medicare Part A

  • Managed Care Options

Medicare, Medicaid and Alternative Payors Expertise and Guidance

Clinical Support

CLTC has significant experience in auditing and developing numerous clinical and operational systems that directly impact your ability to deliver services. We offer both on-site and on-call service options and customized arrangements.


We have educated thousands of post-acute professionals around the country through customized in-service training programs, discipline-specific courses, interdisciplinary seminars and company-level training sessions.

Medical Records

  • Documentation and Content

  • Layout and Structure


Documentation Analysis 

  • Diligence 

  • Chart Reviews

Mystery Shops

What are the "real" impressions of your campus? Most unsuccessful leads won’t share this important feedback, and responsible parties of new residents typically aren’t candid about their initial or ongoing experience.

Since 2001, CLTC has conducted over 7,000 senior housing mystery shops throughout the country. Our in-depth telephone calls and website visits, with real-time online reports, reveal your strongest selling points, plus expose vulnerabilities that impede move-ins.

CLTC’s mystery shoppers are vetted, trained and empowered to document key details and collect pertinent materials.

Revenue Integrity & Operational Strength

Support services to assist in the various medical record review requests, including:  

  • Recovery Act Contractors (RAC) 

  • Zone Program Integrity Contractors (ZPIC)

  • Medicare Administrative Contractors (MAC)

  • Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT)

  • Unified Program Integrity Contractors (UPIC)

  • Program Safety Contractors (PSC)

  • Target Probe and Educate (TPE)


GAP Analysis

  • Admission to Discharge Completeness 

  • Medical Record to Payment  

  • Utilization Review

New Project and Development

  • Due Diligence Review, Statistical Analysis and Discovery

  • State-of-the-Art Care Strategies 

  • Customized Services

Employee & Customer Satisfaction Surveys

One of the best returns on investment for unbiased input is a brief annual telephone interview of responsible parties and your employees, with web-based data entry and real-time reporting. Operators generally know their residents’ and employees’ general preferences, but they aren’t aware of other underlying concerns and embedded perceptions.

These interviews typically last five minutes or less, by design, and at least 50% participation provides solid statistical findings.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Survey Readiness and Support Solutions

  • Plan of Correction Consultation and Implementation Strategies 

  • Analytic Review, Oversight, and Support


CLTC's professionals will conduct a customized "mock survey" to help you and your staff determine potential areas of noncompliance and opportunities for service improvement.


Our post-survey correction services range from helping you to develop your plan of correction to partnering with your team to implement necessary corrections.



  • ​​Director of Nursing

  • RAC (MDS) Coordinator

  • Administrator

Department Development & Staff Enhancement

Department Development & Staff Enhancement

  • ​Clinical Standard of Care, Policy and Procedure

  • Operational Assessment and Systems Development

  • QAPI Audit Review

  • Customized Focused Education with Competency Skills Check

Education & Development

Education & Development

We have educated thousands of long professionals around the country through customized in-service training programs, discipline-specific courses, interdisciplinary seminars and company-level training sessions.

Interviews, Evaluations & Development

Interviews, Evaluations & Development

We have worked one-on-one and in-group settings to conduct post-hire interviews, evaluate management/director competencies, and further develop and refine the skills needed to excel in these positions.

Survey Correction

Survey Support & Correction

Our pre and post survey services range from auditing to helping you develop your plan of correction to partnering with your team to educate and implement necessary corrections.

Resource Materials & Tools

Resource Materials & Tools

CLTC has copyrighted some of our own clinical forms for your use, and we will additionally assist you in identifying other proven resource materials and tools that are applicable to your levels of care and professional disciplines.

Plus, much more customized to your needs!



Contact us or add your info below to be added to our distribution list. 

1030 Bluegrass Parkway

LaGrange, Kentucky 40031


You will hear back from our President real soon!

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